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February 27, 2015

Easy St. Patty’s Day Decor

St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays that, in my opinion, doesn't get as much credit as it deserves. Leprechauns, rainbows, and green, what more could we ask for?!? This fun DIY is perfect,…
June 15, 2014

Jumbo Sky Lanterns: Celebrate Every Occasion with Style

Get hold of Jumbo sky lanterns to set out into the night sky. The releasing of lanterns is a truly fascinating experience that is now being relived in modern times. Send out wishes and make…
April 15, 2014

The Story of the Chinese Lantern Festival

The Chinese lantern festival is a bright and colorful event in the Chinese calendar. Get beautifully crafted Chinese lanterns for sale this season as you celebrate and pray for good fortune.   The Chinese are known…
March 16, 2014

Elegance of Lanterns to Light up Your Wedding

By using floating water lanterns in weddings, they bring in a piece of elegance to the occasion. Lanterns are a magical sight that will be enjoyed by everyone present in the wedding. For every couple,…
March 1, 2014

Spruce up your decor with silk lanterns

Round Chinese Japanese silk lanterns are the perfect accessory to do up your decor whether it’s a wedding, a private get-together, your hotel or restaurant or your home. They provide great design aesthetic combined with…
February 4, 2014

Light Up Your World with Floating Lanterns

Floating lanterns, also called sky lanterns, have taken the world by storm, with its unique blend of creativity and innovation. They can be used for numerous occasions efficiently. For centuries, floating lanterns were a popular…