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March 1, 2014

Spruce up your decor with silk lanterns

Round Chinese Japanese silk lanterns are the perfect accessory to do up your decor whether it’s a wedding, a private get-together, your hotel or restaurant or your home. They provide great design aesthetic combined with…
February 20, 2014

Paper Umbrellas – Adding a flair to your decorations

Paper umbrellas are the perfect accessory to decorate your party or home with high affordability and functionality. They provide a surprisingly large number of ways to give a high design quotient to your living space.…
February 7, 2014

Go a Long Way with Paper Flowers

Having paper flowers as decorative items is a wise option to have. They are not just inexpensive, but come in a number of different colors, shapes, sizes and designs. This way, they can match the…
January 29, 2014

Paper lanterns to lighten up the occasion

Do up your homes and spice up those drab and boring party decorations with paper lanterns. Use pumpkin paper lanterns for that uber-cool spooky look! Decorate your homes and offices with cute and inexpensive materials…