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March 16, 2014

Elegance of Lanterns to Light up Your Wedding

By using floating water lanterns in weddings, they bring in a piece of elegance to the occasion. Lanterns are a magical sight that will be enjoyed by everyone present in the wedding. For every couple,…
February 4, 2014

Light Up Your World with Floating Lanterns

Floating lanterns, also called sky lanterns, have taken the world by storm, with its unique blend of creativity and innovation. They can be used for numerous occasions efficiently. For centuries, floating lanterns were a popular…
January 14, 2014

History of Kongming Lanterns

Kongming lantern or hot air balloon has a rich history. It was initially introduced in 3rd century BC. It was mainly preferred for communicating among the Chinese war troops. It symbolizes good fortune and a…
November 18, 2013

Chinese Lanterns – Importance in Chinese Culture and Color Significance

Chinese lanterns usage in Chinese culture has been prevalent from centuries. Initially used as lighting aid, lanterns were a prominent part of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Crafted from a variety of materials, Chinese lanterns were…
August 26, 2013

Assorted Floating Lanterns – Relish Your Momentous Occasions with Ancient Artifacts

Assorted color eco wire-free flying sky Chinese lanterns are known for the fascination they create when lighted. They are also known as Kongming lights. Gradually over the time “lighting of the sky lantern” became a…
August 6, 2013

Floating Diamonds in the Sky

A paper lantern or lamp is a portable lighting object which has its hoops covered in paper. It is used to brighten up the sky, especially at night. The lanterns originate from Chinese and Japanese…