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February 1, 2019

Valentine Tulle Pom Pom DIY

Poodles. Clouds. Marshmallows. Tulle pom poms. What do all of these things have in common? They are all fluffy. If you love fluffy party decor then this DIY is for you. If not, then your…
January 23, 2019

Valentine Advent Calendar

I know Valentine's day gets a lot of bad rap, but expressing your love to those close to you can be really really fun! It can be such a creative time too. I wanted to…
January 7, 2019

Fish Lantern + Mermaid Lanterns = Magical Ocean Decoration

How stoked was I when my daughter asked for a Mermaid Birthday Party? Let's just say I answered her by singing the entire soundtrack of "Little Mermaid". This is the simplest DIY, but it adds…
December 27, 2018

New Year, New backdrop

Wowee! 2018 flew by! It's time to celebrate the new year. I have young kids, so New Year's is pretty tiring, but we've compiled a list of ideas of fun traditions to do: fondue for…
December 7, 2018

No Sew Minimal Holiday Banner

Are you still searching for that perfect (yet inexpensive) gift? This minimal holiday banner is so versatile and easy to make. No sewing needed!  You can also customize it with any color or phrase you…
November 27, 2018

Felt Ornaments

This is obviously the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is the amount of crafting that seems to occur. It really is a good excuse to…