DIY Halloween Tulle Ghosts

These translucent tulle ghosts will make your Halloween party décor spook-tacular!

You will need:

Step 1. Cut the tulle into 24″ pieces. Cut each piece in half lengthwise to create 3″ x 24″ strips.

Step 2. Make a mixture of half water and half school glue.

Step 3. Cover the styrofoam ball with plastic wrap. This will make it easier to remove when your ghost is dry. Crisscross several pieces of the tulle over the styrofoam ball and use a paintbrush to cover with a layer of the glue mixture. Continue layering the tulle several pieces at a time and covering with the glue mixture until you get the look you want.

Step 3. Let dry for several hours or use a blow dryer to speed up the process. When dry, carefully remove the styrofoam ball.

Step 4. Now cut out eyes and a mouth from black felt and use glue to attach to your ghost.

Step 5. Add a dot of hot glue to the top of your ghost and lay the end of the fishing line across it. When dry, your ghost is ready to display!

Happy Halloween!

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