Crepe Paper Fall Leaves Garland

Set the scene for fall with this DIY fall leaf garland!

You will need:

To begin, download the leaf templates here and print them out. Cut each template out and place on your crepe paper at a 45 degree angle. Cut out two pieces for each leaf. You can layer two sheets of crepe paper at a time to speed this step up.

To assemble the leaves, place a thin line of hot glue on the edge of the left piece and then place the edge of the other piece on top.

Cut a piece of twine to the desired length. Place a small dot of hot glue on the back of each clothespin and attach to the twine. I measured about 5.5″ between each clothespin for my garland but you can adjust this distance depending on the look you want.

Now attach your leaves to the garland using the clothespins and your garland is ready to hang.

Display on your wall, mantel or around a doorway to instantly give your home a fall feel!

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