Honeycomb Heart Garland

Add some love to your Valentine’s Day party decor with this incredibly easy honeycomb heart garland. Tissue paper honeycomb balls are some of my favorite party decorations because they are an easy way to add a splash of color and texture to any decor. Turning them into hearts in shades of pink and red make them perfect for Valentine’s Day. All it takes is a pair of scissors and in no time you will be one step closer to the cutest Valentine’s Day party!


First, cut the bakers twine to the length you want your garland. Next, sketch a half heart shape on one of the honeycomb balls. Adjust it until it’s the shape you want then cut it out. Use it as a template to trace the shape onto the rest of the honeycomb balls and then cut out each one.

Attach the honeycombs to the bakers twine using tape. Place a piece of tape at the top and bottom of each heart. Keep the tape loose so that the honeycomb can still be opened. Space the hearts evenly along the bakers twine.

Open each honeycomb and secure with a paperclip.

Layer with a custom glitter letter garland and some paper pinwheels for the perfect layered backdrop!

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