DIY 4th of July Sand Candles

This simple DIY dresses up votive candles with red, white, and blue sand. These candles are so easy to make and will brighten up any event decor. Group several different shapes and sizes together and you have the perfect centerpiece for your 4th of July celebration! They can easily be tailored to any holiday or event by using different colors of sand. Shop our large selection of colored sand here.

You will need:

  • Glass votive candles
  • Glass candle holders or vases in varying sizes
  • Red, white, and blue sand

Start by pouring layers of sand into the vase in alternating colors.

Continue pouring layers of sand until you can set the votive on top and it will sit at the level you want. We made ours so that the tops of the votives were about 1 inch below the tops of the vases.

Continue pouring layers of sand around the votive until it is even with the top of the votive.

Now light the candles and enjoy the beautiful ambiance they create!

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