Spring Felt Flower Garland

Spring is here! Brighten up your decor instantly with some wilt-proof spring flowers. This DIY felt rose garland is so versatile and is the perfect way to decorate for a bridal or baby shower or just to add a pop of color to your home decor.


First cut the twine to the desired length. Then cut out the felt leaves using the following patterns. We cut out a mix of the 3 different sizes of leaves in olive and melon green felt.

Cut a 2″ piece of the floral wire. Place a small amount of hot glue on the end of a leaf. Add the wire, then press the sides of the leaf together and hold until dry. Add a leaf to the other end of the wire in the same way. Continue making sets of leaves until you have enough to cover the entire garland.

Wrap each set of leaves around the twine. We used the medium and large leaves towards the middle and the small and medium sized leaves towards the ends of the garland to taper the ends slightly.

We chose baby pink and ivory felt for the roses. Cut 7 petals and one green base piece for each small rose using the attached pattern. Place a line of hot glue on one side of the first petal and roll it lengthwise. Place a line of glue along the bottom of the next petal and roll it around the first petal. Keep layering until all the petals are added. The rose will look more realistic if you curl the last 3 petals outward before adding them. Glue the finished rosebud on the green base.

Glue these small roses directly onto the leaves, spacing them throughout the length of the garland.

Put together the medium roses in the same way but use 8 petals for each rose. Attach the finished rose to the garland by covering the bottom with hot glue, attaching the twine and then covering with the green base piece.

Put a dot of glue on each point of the base and attach to the sides of the rose.

Put together the large roses by rolling the piece of felt from the outside in and attach it to the garland in the same way as the medium size roses with the green base piece.

Keep adding roses to the garland until you get the look you want.

This garland would look amazing on a mantel or banister but can really work anywhere!

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