Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tutorial

At Just Artifacts, we love tissue paper pom poms! They’re soft and bright and they can turn any event into a party. Unfortunately, tissue paper can sometimes be a little tricky to work with. But don’t let that discourage you! We have put together a step by step guide that will have you fluffing tissue poms like a pro in no time!

Your tissue pom will come flat and wrapped in a plastic sleeve. Remove the pom from the sleeve and unravel the included ribbon from around the pom. Do not discard the ribbon; you will need this to assemble your pom.

Before you begin to fluff, you will need to find the center point of the pom. Fold your tissue pom in half and make a crease in the middle to mark the center point. If you do not find the center point, you will end up with a lopsided tissue pom instead of a nice round shape.

Secure the ribbon around the center point of the pom. Make sure to tie it tightly so the ribbon does not move around during assembly.

Fan out both sides of the pom. Starting on one side, gently pull the top layer of tissue paper in towards the center. Try to pull it up as close to the ribbon as possible. The closer you are able to pull each layer of tissue paper to the ribbon, the better your tissue pom will look.  If it rips, DON’T worry, you won’t even notice it when you’re all done!

Fan out the opposite side and, just like you did for the first side, pull the top layer towards the center. Alternating from side to side, continue working in the same way, pulling each layer as closely as you can to the center until you are half way through the pom.

Flip the pom over and begin fluffing the same way on the bottom half, alternating on each side until all of the layers have been pulled toward the center. When you have pulled up all the layers of the pom you can start fluffing and adjusting the pom to the exact shape you want, filling in any gaps. (Did you rip any layers? Can you even tell?)

And there you have it! Your tissue pom is fully fluffed and ready to display! Now that you are a pom fluffing professional, you will want to hang them everywhere! Tissue poms are perfect for bridal shower decorations, backyard birthday parties, colorful photo booth backdrops, or delicate details in a child’s bedroom or nursery. Fluffing tissue poms may be a little time consuming and frustrating at first, but we hope that with the help of this tutorial and some nice background music, you’ll grow confident in your new skills!

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