New Year’s Party Guide

We did it, folks! 2020 was a doozy, but we made it through together! A brand new year is in our sights. Let’s finish this year on a high note and make the countdown to 2021 extra special. Whether you’re gathering at home to have drinks with a small group of friends or just trying to make the evening special for your kiddos, we’re here to provide some party inspiration to help you ring in the new year!

Cheers to the New Year!

Clink clink! Nothing says Happy New Year quite like sipping sparkling drinks with your loved ones. This champagne fizz backdrop is easy to create and makes for a great photo op!

What you’ll need to get started:
foil fringe curtain backdrop
Champagne Bottle Mylar Balloon
tissue paper tassels in various golden shades
-clear fishing line

Start by stringing your tassels together with fishing line to create a cascading garland, securing each tassel in place with a knot. Hang the tassel garland vertically using a nail, tack, or adhesive Command hook. Inflate the balloon and tie clear fishing line to the loops on each end of the balloon to hang.

New Year’s Treats

This year has been a LONG one. But you made it through and you deserve to treat yourself, darn it! Every year, I’ve loved watching the Times Square countdown festivities on New Year’s Eve. Even though the countdown to 2021 will be happening virtually, I can’t wait to watch the ball drop at midnight! Celebrate the start of a new year by digging into these easy to make, delicious Ball Drop cupcakes! Simply add a donut hole and a metallic paper straw to your favorite cupcake recipe and voila! New Year’s magic!

And no New Year’s party is complete without a Midnight Kiss! When the clock strikes 12, unwrap a chocolate treat with a loved one over video chat. You can start the new year off together, no matter how far away you may be.

New Year’s Resolutions

This year was unlike any we have ever seen before. But in a year of endless curveballs and chaos, there were many lessons to be learned. My favorite part of New Year’s Eve is reflecting on what the past year has taught me and creating a list of resolutions to carry into the new year. I have searched through Pinterest and linked some of my favorite free New Year’s printables below. These ideas can be adapted as you see fit to get the whole family involved in setting goals and remembering all of the good that happened this year!

Glitter and Caffeine’s New Year’s Printables
Alice & Lois’s New Year’s Game Printable

Have a fun and safe New Year! For more New Year’s Party Essentials, shop our NYE collection.

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