Halloween Soda Brew Bar

Planning to throw a Halloween party and looking for some unique Halloween Party Ideas? Throwing a “monster bash” is a lot of fun, but can be a lot of work. Breaking it down into categories can make party planning a little less daunting. My favorite category of any party is the food. Food is such an important part of any party, but Halloween themed treats are essential to your theme.  Creating a Halloween-themed soda bar is an easy and fun way to take care of the beverage side of the refreshments you’ll be serving. Here is how to get started:


Begin by creating the backdrop for your beverage table. Hanging paper pinwheels and tissue fans are a quick, simple way to fill your space with color, pattern, and texture.

Next, using glitter letters, create any fun phrase you’d like.

Now, fill your table with all your drink ingredients, cups, straws, napkins, and Halloween decor.

Now go ahead and make all the spooky drinks you can handle! Here are a few fun recipes to get your soda mixology brain going: Recipes here

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