Honeycomb Spiders DIY

Do you feel it? That slight chill in the air? Fall is well on its way …which means Halloween will be here before we know it! This honeycomb spider DIY is a great way to add Halloween decor to your home or classroom that is too cute to spook! -That’s the best way we can describe these honeycomb spiders. Also, these are so easy to create, making these into a fun Halloween activity with the kids would be a great idea!


Begin by assembling the honeycomb balls. Simply open them up, paperclip them to stay open, and hold by the attached string. This is how you will determine where to place the spiders’ eyes and legs, because the spider will look like it’s hanging from the string.

Hot glue the eyes on before the legs. This will help determine where to place the legs.

The length of the legs depends on the size of your spider (aka honeycomb ball). I cut the pipe cleaners into thirds for my legs (so around 6″ each). Next, bend the pipe cleaner pieces to look like legs. Once the legs are prepped, simply put some hot glue on one side of the legs and insert it into one of the folds of the honeycomb ball. Repeat with all legs on both sides of honeycomb ball.

And your spider is done! Repeat for however many spiders you would like to create. These can be displayed by hanging or just sitting on a tabletop among your other Halloween decor.

Happy Halloween!

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