Fall Felt Wreath

Are you a scary/creepy Halloween person or a cute/happy Halloween person? I tend to fall into the second category. I mean, I don’t hate the scary, creepy parts, I just do embarrassing things when I get scared (think: scream and fall to the ground, eyes squeezed shut, refusing to let go of the closest person to me). I swear I’m an adult. This wreath is just right, because it fall in the middle of the two types of Halloween. It’s definitely cute, but a tiny creepy with those spiders.

What You’ll Need

Begin by wrapping the wire wreath in orange tulle. You’ll want to do your best to cover up the wire, so it’s not very noticeable. I started by hot-gluing the end of the tulle to the wire, then wrapping tight around the frame. I ended by hot-gluing the end as well, to keep the tulle from unraveling off the wire frame.

Next, you will need to create the little felt flowers that will cover the wreath. These are very simple, but a little time-consuming. I highly recommend watching a show or listening to a podcast while you make these. Start by cutting a wavy line across the bottom of the felt sheet -about 1/2″ from the bottom. Then you’ll cut another line about 1/2″ above that one. This will be a straight line. Now you have 2 strips that are wavy on one side and straight on the other. Continue this pattern, using up the whole sheet. You can cut more than one sheet at once, if you prefer (I did).

To make the little rolled-up flowers, start with one of the wavy felt strips. Squeeze out a 2″ line of hot glue on one edge of the strip and then start rolling it up on that end, toward the other end. Add another line of hot glue as you’re rolling and end with some hot glue on the other end to seal the end and keep it from unraveling.

Repeat with each strip you cut out many, many times. Seriously, you’re going to make a ton of these. Go ahead and count how many I made in the photo of the finished wreath. A ton!

Once you have a ton made, start hot-gluing to the wreath. Keep going until it’s completely covered.

I added a tulle bow. For this, I used 6 long strips of tulle and just tied them into a bow and glued it to the bottom of the wreath. I then glued a few fake spiders and a cute little boo pick and then celebrated I was done hot-gluing and burning my fingers, for the time being. Hang indoors or outdoors. Happy Haunting!

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