Paper Pinwheel Pumpkins

It’s never too early to make some cute decor with your kids for this fall and Halloween season. This paper pumpkin pinwheel craft is easy to do and adorable to display. Whether you are decorating for a party, doing crafts with kids, decorating your dining room table or just want to get our own craft on, you’ll love this adorable option.


To begin, open the paper pinwheels and pin them open with a paper clip. Don’t place the paper clip on the very end of the pieces you’ll be closing together ..because we’re cutting those off! As seen in the below photo, you’ll be cutting off the little cardboard part that sticks out, so all the sides are even. If we were hanging these pinwheels, we would want to save that piece. But we aren’t, so off it goes.

Next, you’ll tape a paper straw to any edge of the pinwheel. I went ahead and taped it right by the paper clip.

And you’re done! Just kidding, this doesn’t look like a pumpkin …yet. The next step is to add the stem.

Use green crepe paper to create the stem. Make by taking a strip on crepe paper, folding it over, then cutting it about one inch by one inch with a slight taper at the bottom.

Place the stem at the top of the pumpkin, with the fold at the top. Place a little piece of tape, on the front and back of the pinwheel where the stem will be, so the stem is basically straddling the pinwheel.

Voila! Now you’re done for reals this time.

Fall is just around the corner and your house is going to be looking extra festive with this incredibly easy, cute DIY.

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