Crepe Paper Pumpkins

Pumpkin spice and everything nice! Tis the season, am I right??? Ok, ok, I might be a little early, but I just really really love fall and am very anxious for it to get here. So anxious that I made these simple crepe paper pumpkins and they are currently decorating my mantle. These are my confessions.

Ok, back to the DIY. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Crepe Paper. I used “orangesicle” “fire orange” “moss green” and “ivory”
  • foam balls from the craft store in whatever size you want your pumpkins
  • floral wire
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • pencil or wooden dowel about the thickness of a pencil
  • butter knife or metal ruler

Look at that gorgeous crepe paper. It’s practically begging to be crafted with.

First, you’ll need to take your foam balls and hit/push them against a hard surface to give them a flattened top and bottom. This will help provide more of a pumpkin shape.

Next, Cut a piece of crepe paper wide enough to wrap around your foam ball. You’ll notice the crepe paper has a bit of stretch to it. Feel free to stretch it out as you wrap it around.

Now, using a hot glue gun, glue the crepe paper so it stays closed around the ball.

After gluing, press the extra crepe paper on top toward the center top of the ball with the dowel or pencil. Press hard enough to create a hole to push the crepe paper into. Press all of the excess crepe paper on top into the hole. Do the same with the bottom of the ball and you will see your pumpkin starting to take form.

Now that the crepe paper is fitted in place all around your pumpkin, you’ll want to create the pumpkin’s ridges. I used a small metal ruler, but a butter knife would work great, too (use the smooth side of the knife). Simple press the ruler/knife against the side of the pumpkin from the top to the bottom. Press in hard enough to make an indent in the foam ball inside, but not so hard that you tear the crepe paper. I did this about eight times around each pumpkin. They’re looking more like pumpkins!

To finish them off, I rolled up little strips of the moss green crepe paper and hot glued them to the tops to look like stems. I then added little vine tendrils by wrapping floral wire around my wooden dowel (or use a pencil) in a spiral fashion. I then just poked the tendrils into the tops of the pumpkins. Voila! Now put on your warm socks, big comfy sweater, and anything else that might help fall get here sooner:)

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