Princess Party Table Topper

Tiaras, wands, sparkles, and more! We all know someone who is princess-obsessed (no shame if that’s you!). Princesses are the perfect party theme. Pink and purple treats are always a crowd-pleaser and who doesn’t love dressing up? Along with treats and dresses, decorations are also incredibly important! So before your royal subjects arrive, complete this simple DIY to make your party tables look even more fancy and festive.

You will need:

  • Tissue Poms in coordinating colors. I used shocking pink, lilac, and carnation pink. All in the 10″ size.
  • Princesses printed onto card stock (use any image or draw your own -you only need from about the waist up)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

First, you will need to fluff out your tissue poms. Here is a very helpful video for assembling tissue poms:

Rushing through assembly of tissue poms can lead to tearing the tissue paper, so allow yourself plenty of time to fluff them out. Once assembled, begin heating up your glue gun, it’s almost princess time.

After your tissue poms are ready, cut out your princesses. I trimmed my princess images a little below the waist, to have a spot to place the hot glue. Before gluing, place the princess in the tissue pom and find just the right spot, so that once glued, the pom looks like the bottom of her dress. Hot glue the princess along the bottom/back of the card stock. Then slide into your tissue pom and press into place.

Now you have super cute, coordinating decorations you can place on tables, hang around your party, use as party favors, or you could even make assembling them a fun activity for party guests to complete!

Party on, all you pretty princesses!

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