DIY Tulle Magic Wands

Alakazam! What better way to let you and your little ones’ imaginations soar than with a little play time involving magic wands?! This DIY is a great activity to do together and express your creativity. I let my kids choose the colors for the wand poof at the top, which straws they wanted to use, and then which spells they wanted to perform (a whole lot of Expecto Patronum over here).

Plus! Using the paper straws for the base of the wand makes these much safer than using a wooden dowel or something similar. The paper straws hurt a lot less when things get crazy and wand end up poking you in the face. Trust me.


Begin by measuring out and cutting five 18″ x 6″ strips of tulle. You can have the strips all be the same color, or do a few different colors. Lay them all evenly in one pile on top of each other. Then roll them around your hand into one roll, as seen below.

Next, cut out an 8″ long strip of tulle. Tie that smaller strip around the middle of this roll of tulle. Tie a tight double knot. The tulle roll will now somewhat resemble a bow. See below for reference.

Now, trim along the outer fold of the bow on each side. Once the tulle edge is cut, separate each layer of tulle and fluff out. Fluff until the tulle looks like one big round puff.

To finish, hot glue the straw into the center of the puff. A good spot to glue it is where that knot in the center is. Now, you’re ready to play. You can be a wizard, witch, fairy god mother, magic princess, whatever! These also make amazing party favors for a magical birthday party!

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