Unicorn Mini Party Pails

Chances are you know a unicorn lover -it might even be you (nothing wrong with that). Either way, these unicorn party pails are the perfect simple DIY for any future unicorn parties you may have coming up. They work perfect for holding party favors, or can hold utensils at your food table, or could even be used to create a unicorn party table centerpiece! It’ll make any event extra sparkly and magical!

Supplies needed:

Begin with the glittler letter I’s. I cut them to be about 2 inches long with a gradual point to create a unicorn horn shape.

Next, using the craft foam sheets, cut out the ears for your unicorn. I simply made them as tall, slightly rounded triangles. I then cut a smaller triangle in a different color for each ear, then glued the smaller triangle to the inside of the larger one. Look at the finished pictures to see what I mean.

Then, glue the ears and horn to the inside of the bucket. When those are on, you can then add the flower stickers along the brim of the bucket. Finish by drawing on the unicorn eyelashes with the sharpie. Feel free to create stencils or templates for any of the shapes, if you feel like you need them.

Bring the magic to your unicorn party with this simple unicorn pail DIY. With the stunning pastel color palette and shiny gold horn, it makes your whimsical dream come true!

All unicorn party decor can be found by clicking here

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