DIY Snowman Tealight Ornaments

Ever since I was little, my favorite Christmas ornaments have been the homemade ones. The ones that are unique and a little quirky. And if they light up …even better!

These snowman tea light candle ornaments are simple to make and will make a big impact on your tree or as part of your Christmas dinner table decor. Plus, these are easy to personalize in any way you’d like -change up the earmuff colors, the scarf, the facial expressions…

Materials needed:

To begin, color the flames of the tea light candles with the orange permanent markers to create the snowman’s carrot nose. Then, create his face with small circle drawn with a black permanent marker. Feel free to make all kinds of faces for these snowmen.

Once the faces are done, you’ll be creating the earmuffs. Wrap a pipe cleaner across the top half of the tealight candle to determine the length you will need to cut. Then, hot glue the ends of the cut piece to the top of the snowman’s head. Once that is secure, hot glue a mini pom pom to each side of the pipe cleaner piece to create the snowman’s earmuffs

Once the earmuffs are done, all that is left is the scarf. Cut a piece of thin Christmas ribbon (1/2″ is a good width) to the length needed to create a scarf wrapped around the bottom of the snowman’s head. Hot glue the middle of the length of ribbon to the bottom back of the snowman head. Then wrap around the front and place one side over the other. Hot glue to secure.

Then, you can loop a piece of Christmas twine through the top of the earmuff band, so you can hang as an ornament, or leave as it and place around your table. Either way, be sure to pair with plenty of holiday treats:)

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