DIY Pumpkin-Shaped Tissue Honeycombs

Halloween/Fall is an occasion I’m always down to party for and I like to decorate accordingly. That means plenty of garlands, streamers, tissue tassels, and honeycomb balls. But to add a little extra Halloween to the decorations, some DIY customization is usually required. Luckily all it takes to make these DIY color blocked honeycomb pumpkins is a pair of scissors and in no time you will be one step closer to the perfect Halloween party!


Make Time: 5-10 minutes

Step one: Gather your honeycomb balls and cut each one similarly: I started with the top and cut in toward the middle and then left a little to create a stem shape when opened. Tops can be more rounded or flat, depending on how you want your pumpkins to look.

Step two: I cut a little off the bottom to flatten it a little and make it easier for them to sit up on their own.

Step three: Once you have made all your pumpkins, feel free to display them anywhere you like (mantel, table top, front porch). You can even string small ones onto some bakers twine to create an incredibly cute honeycomb pumpkin garland!

Simply add some fake spiders, maybe a little witch hat, some candy corn …and you’re basically set for fall and Halloween decor!

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