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Have you ever made a foil letter balloon banner and thought it needed more pizazz? Zest? Zing? Zip?

Then this post is for you!

I am making this banner for our Fourth of July cookout, and I really wanted to make it look extremely patriotic. I went to the craft store and got some extra items, but for the most part, the supplies are from Just Artifacts!

Supplies Needed:
– Silver Mylar Letter Balloons
– Fishing Line
– Red Tissue Tassels (I used three sets)
– Stickers/felt stars

Here’s How:
1. Blow up all the balloons, assemble tassels.
2. Decorate the balloons
3. String the fishing line through the tassels and the hole attachments on the balloons.
4. Hang up and salute!!

(Sources: Silver Letter Balloons, Tassell Garland Kit, fishing line)

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