Star-Spangled Banner Breakfast

This post is dedicated to what makes America great: Breakfast.

Last summer, in our attempt to make our Fourth of July Breakfast truly memorable, we came up with a list of patriotic names for all things breakfast. Not only did it make us want to salute every single thing on our plate, but it got so many laughs from the whole party.

I wanted to share that perfect list with you today! (Along with the perfect party set-up thanks to Just Artifacts).

21 Egg Salute (w/ Liberty Bell Peppers, Pearl Harbor Onions, AbraHAM Lincoln, Sharpshooter Cheddar, Assault & Pepper Spray)
Washington Waffles
Ronald REGGS
Lyndon B. Johnsonville Sausage Links
Bush’s Bacon
Hoover Hash
Uncle (Breakfast) Sammy
ButterMLK Biscuit
Freedom Fried Egg
Banner Biscuits and Navy Gravy
Gorange W. Juice
Founding Frother (Chocolate Milk)
The Thirst Lady (Apple juice)
US Toast Guard
Donut Tread On Me
Muffin March
Battlefield Bagels
Oh Say Can You Cereal
Old Glory Granola
Freedom Toast (French Toast)
Star-Spangled Bagels
Baton-twirling Breakfast Casserole
Yankee Yogurt
Red, White, and Blueberry Muffins
U.S. Citizen Roll (Cinnamon Roll)

Do you have any ideas for Breakfast names?? Leave them in the comments below!!

(Sources: Plates, Straws, Cups, Napkins, Utensils, Star Banner made using these star plates, Berry baskets)

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