Summer of Strawberries

My absolute favorite fruit season is here!! Strawberries are contained in all of my favorite desserts: pie, shortcake, milkshakes… the perfect treats to welcome summer!

This is a craft I did with my daughters… I cut everything out first and had them glue them together. They were so proud of their work, we made a long garland for them to hang in their room.

Materials needed: Felt sheets (red, green, white), craft glue, green twine, scissors, paper straw, tape

  1. Cut the strawberry shape, the leaves (like a flattened flower shape), and TINY white squares for the seeds (I cut a supper thin strip and then cut the squares off that.)
  2. Glue the leaves on top of the strawberries and the squares throughout (I did about 4 squares a piece).
  3. After the glue dries, tape the strawberries along twine and tie to the end of a straw (that I cut in half).

Isn’t this so fun?? I love how you can use these strawberries for so many things!

Have a happy summer!!!

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