April Showers

Have you heard the phrase “April Showers bring May flowers”? I thought it’s time to celebrate a rainy day! (We haven’t had any rain here for a while, so why not?)

This would be a great backdrop for a baby shower, or you could add rainbows for a kid party.

The only things this backdrop needs are a bag of white balloons and light blue expanding tissue paper! (And tape, string, a needle, and scissors.)

  1. Blow up 15-20 white balloons.
  2. Using the needle and string, thread the needle through the tips of the balloons.
  3. Cut the expanding tissue in thirds (or fourths! Depending on how long you want the rain to be). Tape the tops of the tissue paper onto the masking tape, allowing enough space to stick the tape to the wall vertically.
  4. Stick the tape along the wall. Hang the white balloon garland on the top, covering the top of the expanding streamers.

LOOK how glorious! It’s getting me stoked for all those May flowers!

Baby Shower Backdrop DIY

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