Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

I was in charge of the dessert table for a hot-air-balloon-themed-neutral baby shower.

I am a HUGE fan of these hot air balloons, but needed to figure out a different way to display them, other than hanging them up. Here’s what I came up with:

Isn’t it great?? And so versatile… you can fill the basket with anything. And of course, it’s easy to make.

Materials needed:
– Hot Air Balloon Lantern
– 4 paper straws
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors
– Basket

  1. Cut the original basket off
  2. Hot glue the four straws to each of the inside corner of the baskets.
  3. Bend the straws toward the middle of the basket so that they’ll fit inside the bottom of the hot air balloon.
  4. Quickly put some hot glue all along the sides of all four straws and put the straws through the bottom of the balloon. The hot glue should stick to the bottom rim of the base of the balloon.

For my display, I placed a wet paper towel at the bottom of the basket and put some chamomile in the basket!


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