Spring Has Sprung!!

It’s springtime!! Flowers! Sunshine! Easter Candy! Bees! (I’m scared of bees, so let’s just move on….)

I wanted to come up with a bright and cheery backdrop to celebrate the arrival of this blessed season. Remember the flowers from this Cactus Backdrop? I thought they’d make a great bundle of flowers to hang on the wall! It is so easy and fun to make!

Materials needed:
– Scissors
– Honeycomb Tissue Balls in various colors
– Masking Tape
– White Cardstock
– Pencil

  1. First, cut the flower shapes from the honeycomb balls.
  2. Split the honeycomb ball in half.
  3. Put a piece of rolled tape on each side of the flower halves.
  4. Expand the honeycomb tissue and stick both sides to the wall.
  5. Write “Hello Spring!” lightly on a few pieces of cardstock and cut out the letters.
  6. Put rolled up pieces of masking tape along the back of the letters and tape them to the top of the flowers. Now it’s time to party hard.

Look how voluptuous it looks! And guess what? They’re fake, so you don’t have to worry about allergies.

Happiest Spring!!!!

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