Another Sharp-Lookin’ Backdrop

Since, I’m such a “succa” for cacti puns, I was “prickled” pink to take on this project. My niece is currently obsessed with cacti, and this Prickly Pear Backdrop was a fun addition to her birthday party.

Backdrops need to make a big statement, but shouldn’t cost a lot of money, and this one is no exception. This one cost me less than $15 to make, it’s pretty fly for a cacti! (Okay, I’ll stop now.)

Materials needed:
– 10 sheets of green poster board (I found mine at the dollar store… they were two sheets for a dollar!)
– 1 yellow poster board or yellow paper
Pink, orange, red honeycomb balls in various sizes
– Hot glue gun
– scissors
– Painters tape

  1. For both prickly pear plants, I used 5 pieces of poster board. Two poster boards cut 1 large piece of prickly pear, two poster boards each cut 2 pieces of prickly pears, and the last cut out 4, so you’ll end up with various sizes.
  2. Next, I cut little strips of yellow paper (these will be the needles. Using a hot glue gun, I glued all of the needs to each pice of the prickly pear.
  3. Then, I cut some flowers using the honeycomb balls. I folded them down and used my scissors to cut a scallop edge on teh opposite of the folded side. Then I split the balls in half so the number of flowers I have could increase.
  4. Finally, I used painters tape to tape the pieces to the wall. behind the serving table.

This backdrop is “on point”!! And so simple to make.

(Other Sources: Cactus marquee, Decagon party plates, pink cups, gold cupcake wrapper, gold straws)

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