Lucky Charmed

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner! It’s one of those holidays that can be really fun if you plan ahead… But this post is dedicated to all of you that don’t plan on planning ahead.

The only thing you’ll need for this project is a box of Lucky Charms, cake mix, and store-bought frosting.

First, make the cupcakes.

Then, pour the entire box of Lucky Charms into a big bowl, and pick out the marshmallow pieces. Sort the marshmallows into groups.

Finally, frost the cupcakes and decorate with the marshmallows!

I know what you’re thinking… what do I do with this leftover cereal? Two options: eat it, or pour it in a sensory bin and let your two-year-old have at it. Mine played in it for over an hour… So many fun things from one cereal box!

Some other last minute St. Patrick’s Day ideas for kids:
– Use green food coloring in milk
– Skittles Rainbow experiment
– Fruit Loops rainbow necklace
– Green nail polish

NOTE: Those cupcake liners? I had several leftover cupcake wrappers  in colors that didn’t really match… so I turned them inside out! Don’t they look so aesthetically pleasing?? Like clouds for the rainbow theme??? Can you tell I got really excited about it????

Also I love this honeycomb ball garland I made with all different colors! (4-inch honeycomb balls). Gold tableware available here.


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