Valentine Tulle Pom Pom DIY

Poodles. Clouds. Marshmallows. Tulle pom poms. What do all of these things have in common?

They are all fluffy.

If you love fluffy party decor then this DIY is for you. If not, then your kids can use them to throw at each other without harm.

Here’s the DIY!

Tulle in various colors (I used red, white, pink, peach, and blue)
– Cardboard
– Cardboard cutter
– Scissors
– Twine or string

  1. Begin by cutting two circles, about 5 inches in diameter, with a circle cut out of the middle, about 1 inches across. Cut a small slit from the edge of the cardboard to the center circle. This will help with the wrapping process. (You can cut the cardboard suckers as big or as small as you want your tulle pom poms to be.)
  2. Measure and cut about 4 yards of tulle.
  3. Stack the two cardboard circles one on top of each other. Wrap the tulle around the edge and middle of the circle, until the cardboard circles are almost covered.
  4. Cut the tulle along the edge of the carboard. (The scissors will cut between the two circles.
  5. Pull the two cardboard circles apart about a half an inch, make sure the tulle doesn’t escape the circles yet.
  6. Tie about 6 inches of twine around the middle of the tulle as tightly as you can.
  7. Pull the two cardboard circles apart to release the tulle. You might need to trim some stray tools around the pom pom to perfect its round shape.

  8. Tie all the tulle pom poms onto a long piece of string to create a garland.

And that is how it’s done!


Have the fluffiest Valentine’s Day!!!!!!

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