Valentine Advent Calendar

I know Valentine’s day gets a lot of bad rap, but expressing your love to those close to you can be really really fun! It can be such a creative time too.

I wanted to make a countdown calendar to Valentine’s for my girls! This is an easy project with inexpensive supplies (you guessed it… felt!!!). Let’s countdown to one of my favorite holidays!

Materials needed:
– red, pink, white, blue felt sheets (I used 1-2 sheets for each color)
– hot glue gun
– scissors
– marker
– velcro
– ruler
– twine

1.Cut the felt sheets into 4 squares.

2. Place two dots, a little less than an inch apart, in the middle of the sides of all the squares. These are to help with the folding.

3. Fold the squares from corresponding dots like the second square in the above picture. (No need to draw the lines, I’m just showing you where the folds will be.)

4. Fold down the two opposite sides of the squares and glue the corners together.

5. Fold the bottom corner up and glue it to the center.

6. Cut a small heart and glue it to what will be the bottom of the closure. Put a piece of velcro underneath the heart and the other side of the velcro where the flap will close.

7. Glue the twine along the back of the card to make a garland.

8. Optional: Cut out numbers to keep track of the date, and glue to the bottom of the envelope.

Now is the fun part: putting all the treats, prizes, and love notes in each of the envelopes that you can open each day!!

My girls are so stoked to start this February 1st!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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