12 Awesome DIY Pinata Ideas

To add extra fun and create countless memories to your next party, simply include a pinata! They are so easy to make, so you can get as creative as you want. Also, I hope you realize, pinatas are not just for kids’ parties -adults love them too!

Here is a great blog post that lays out the easy step-by-step method to create any pinata you’d like! Click here to see the full post!

Most pinata DIYs call for rolls of colored crepe paper. Here is a great option for high-quality, inexpensive beautiful crepe paper rolls. Click here to see more

As mentioned above, pinatas are not just for kids’ parties -pinatas are a great addition to ANY party. Holiday parties, weddings and bridal showers, baby showers, or any bash you throw!


Cinco de Mayo Luchadore Pinatas

Halloween Ghosts Pinatas

Valentine’s Conversation Heart Pinatas

Thanksgiving Pie Pinatas



Wedding Cake Pinata

Wedding Ring Pinata

Hanging Peonies Pinatas

Mini Champagne Pinatas



Popsicle Pinata

Milkshake Pinata

Donut Pinata

Popcorn Box Pinata


Have you ever made a pinata before?

Is there one you would love to make?

Happy pinata-ing!

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