New Year, New backdrop

Wowee! 2018 flew by! It’s time to celebrate the new year.

I have young kids, so New Year’s is pretty tiring, but we’ve compiled a list of ideas of fun traditions to do: fondue for dinner and dessert, sparklers, Martinellis, a year-end awards show, and it’s off to bed by 10.

This year, we are inviting our neighbors and we’ll add a photo booth to the mix.

The best photo booths have the biggest impact, and here’s an inexpensive one.

– Big sheet of cardboard (I get mine at Costco)
– Marker
– Yellow Poster paper (I get mine at the craft store)
– Razor blade (or something to cut the cardboard with)
– Scissors
– Spray glue
– Fishing Line

  1. Trace the cardboard into a moon shape (You can make a makeshift circle compass by tacking some string in the middle of the paper and tying a marker to the end of the string. This will help to make the outside perfectly round.)
  2. Cut the moon out of the cardboard
  3. Trace the cardboard moon on the yellow paper
  4. Spray the glue on the cardboard and lay the paper down.
  5. Cut two tiny holes on the top of the moon and tie fishing line to each and tie the holes to hang.

I added two star garlands and these gold paper pinwheel fans. (My daughters tangled the third star garland so I cut out the stars and taped them to the balloons.)

Happiest New Year!!! Can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!!!

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