No Sew Minimal Holiday Banner

Are you still searching for that perfect (yet inexpensive) gift? This minimal holiday banner is so versatile and easy to make. No sewing needed!  You can also customize it with any color or phrase you want!

Here is everything you need: felt sheets, a wooden dowel (I cut mine to be 18 inches), canvas material,  scissors, a straight edge to measure, hot glue or fabric glue, phrase of choice printed out in bold font, bakers twine

  1. Cut out printed letters. These will serve as an outline to cut from the felt.
  2. Cut out letters out of font (I didn’t cut the middle of the letters to make it easier).


Cut out canvas material into a rectangle (Mine was approximately 16 inches by 32 inches) Just make sure the width of the canvas is smaller than the length of the dowels.

Fold the short ends of the rectangles over the dowels and glue.

Place letters on the banner and hot glue them down.

Use the bakers twine and tie it to the ends of the top dowel.

Optional: add some fabric foliage along the top of the banner. (I got mine at the craft store) You could also tie ornaments, bells, etc. to the dowel.

Look how perfect (and easy!) that looks!!

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