Felt Ornaments

This is obviously the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is the amount of crafting that seems to occur. It really is a good excuse to bust out the hot glue gun.

Speaking of hot glue gun, these felt ornaments need just that… No need to break out the needles and threads. These ornaments are also perfect for kids, soft and durable! I save them for a kids’ mini Christmas tree that we set up in their bedroom. They can decorate however they want, and will leave the main one alone (most of the time).

All you need are some felt sheets, a hot glue gun, and string. Here’s how I did each of the ornaments.

Mini Wreaths
Cut a circle out of paper, with a hole in the middle. Cut several tiny leaves in two different shades of green. Glue them around the circle. Cut some tiny circles out of the pink felt and glue them on the wreath. Glue string on the back.


Cut a white felt circle. Cut another red circle, the same size as the white. From the edge of the circle, cut “swirls” out of the red circle, space them apart on the white, and glue. Glue a string on the back to hang.


Cut five red petals out, fold the end of one side of the petals and glue. Glue the folded petals into a circle, with 5 tiny white circles in the center.


Felt Chain
Cut thin strips of felt, all in the same size. (I cut about twenty strips of three colors). Glue one of the strips into a circle by connecting the ends. Put the second strip through the first circle, and glue the ends. Repeat with the rest of strips, making a pattern with the colors.


Ready to decorate the tree!!!

And look… they double as gift toppers!!!


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