Homemade Monogram Gift Tags

One of the fun traditions we have with our girls is homemade wrapping for our gifts to each other.

I decided this year to use recycled materials for our project and gathered all of my leftover party supplies throughout the year. We had a blast making some monogram gift tags using our party supplies, all from Just Artifacts (which I linked in each example).

For most of the letters, we started with letters cut out from pieces of cardboard. Hot glue & spray glue were easiest with most of the materials and kraft gift bags were purchased at our local craft store!

Here are some examples we came up with!

Cardboard letter, wrapped red tinsel, hot glue the ends:

Glitter letter, wrapped red twine, hot glue the ends:

Cardboard letter, Green crepe paper, hot glue:

Glitter letter, Christmas Tree ornament:

Small pinwheel, hot glue the glitter letter, add christmas tree ornament:

Cardboard letter, hot glue paper straws:

Cardboard letter, spray glue, metallic confetti:

Glitter letter, small honeycomb ball, add Christmas tree ornament:


I love how it looks altogether, but it would look amazing in one style under the tree!

Happy Gifting!!



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