Sparkling White Lantern Christmas Ornament DIY

A Christmas tree can never have too many sparkles. This is just a fact. We love this incredibly easy Christmas ornament DIY for that exact reason. These sparkling white mini lantern ornaments are very simple to make and leave your tree with an extra glowing sparkle.

To begin, gather your materials:

mini white paper lanterns, ribbon, epsom salt, glue (or mod podge), a paintbrush, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

First, assemble the mini lanterns by placing the frame inside each one. Next, paint the outside of the lantern with the glue. Once covered in glue, roll the lantern in a bowl of epsom salt. Cover the entire outside of the lantern. Let the lanterns dry.

While drying, you can begin making bows. We love the look of a classic gingham ribbon, so this black and white pattern was just perfect. Once the lanterns are dry, hot glue a ribbon to the top of each lantern. We glued the ribbon to the actual paper lantern, not the frame sticking out from inside. This will make it easier to hang.

The inside frame is easy to attach to small Christmas lights, providing an inner glow to each ornament. An inner glow with a sparkly outside -a great addition to any tree!


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