“A lovely cheese pizza just for me.”

National Cheese Pizza Day is September 5th, but if you’re anything like me, it’s everyday. Celebrate the everyday by throwing yourself a pizza party. You deserve it.

This cake topper is the best for two reasons: It’s mini. And it’s pizzas. What’s cuter than mini pizzas??

Materials needed:
– Craft felt sheets. (Seriously, have you used these?? So many possibilities!!) I used chocolate, ivory, red, olive.
– Scissors
– Craft glue
fishing line
– Paper straws (I used these adorable black heart ones)

1. Cut out the pizza slice shapes using the chocolate felt, slightly smaller triangles using the red felt (sauce), AND slightly smaller triangles in the ivory felt (cheese). I cut 12 of each.
2. Cut out tiny circular pepperonis in the red felt, and even tinier rectangular green peppers in the olive green felt. (Seriously TINY.)

3. Glue the sauce and cheese on top of the crust, and then glue the toppings on. Let the glue try a bit.

4. Glue the back of the crusts along the fishing line in a row to create a mini pendant bunting.
5. Tie the ends of the fishing line to the paper straws. Stick the straws in the cake.

Party supplies? Check. Pizza? Check. Cake? Check. Party guests? You don’t need them… enjoy that cake and pizza all by yourself!!

Happy Cheese Pizza Day!

Other sources: Tissue honeycomb balls, cups, straws, plates, napkins, gold utensils, gold glitter letters)

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