An Elegant Donut “Cake”


Have you ever needed something elegant in a pinch? Maybe for your significant other’s birthday party? Your cousin’s wedding reception?  Or maybe you just love donuts so much, it deserves a beautiful and poetic topper?

This donut topper turned out cuter than I thought it would! Have you played with these felt sheets from Just Artifacts? The possibilities are endless!!!

Materials needed:
Felt sheets in a variety of colors
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun
– Cake stand
– 2 dozen donuts

Okay so the directions are pretty straightforward…
First, cut out the shapes for the flowers and leaves. I cut several petals and leaves in different sizes. To make the middle of the flower, cut a long rectangle, fold it hot dog style, cut a fringe along the folded edge, hot glue it as you roll it into a spiral. Then glue the small petals around it first, and glue the larger petals as you go. To make the “vines”, cut long strips of green felt. Glue the leaves along the sides of the strips.

After you’ve created your flowers and leaves, stack the donuts on the cake stand. Stagger the flowers on donut stacks, and lay the leaves or vines throughout. DONE. 🙂

Complete your Donut masterpiece with this PERFECT donut garland.

I’m so glad we live in world with donuts. Donut you? (:D)

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