Back to School Pennants

Does anyone else get butterflies when the stores set up all the back-to-school supplies? It’s so exciting! But there’s always so much to do before it begins. One of the first things I do is set up a special area for my girls to do their homework.

To make it look extra cute (and meaningful), I decided to make some felt pennants with some special messages for my girls to remember, especially while they’re at school. They are incredibly easy and didn’t take much time (although I did it the easy way, there’s a more time-consuming and neater way to do it, but I’ll explain in a bit).

Supplies needed:
Craft Felt Sheets in colors of your choice (I used ivory, sunflower, baby pink, olive, bubble gumchocolate )
– Scissors
– Craft glue
– A thin, permanent marker
– Push pins

  1. Pick 2-3 colors you want to use for each pennant.
  2. Cut two long triangles in two different colors (one for the actual pennant, and the other one for the letters).
  3. Cut a strip about an inch and a half thick along side the base of the triangle you are using for the letters. Cut 4 small strips using the scraps in the same color.
  4. Draw your words or phrases in the remainder part of the triangle. This way, you can see how the letters will be arranged on the pennant.  (The more time-consuming way would be to print out the letters, cut them out, trace them on your pennant, then cut the felt letters out.)
  5. Cut out the letters
  6. Glue the strip and the letters on the front of the pennant, and the 2 pairs of strips on the back side so that they are sticking out.
  7. Wait for glue to dry and tack to the wall.


Other phrases you can do:
– Raise your hand
– No cuts
– Take risks
– Be prepared
– Read
– Smile
– Be true
– Be humble

Aren’t they so fun and sweet?! My girls love their new space… Let the hard work begin! (Hopefully…)

Other sources: Cactus light, unicorn light

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