Stars and Stripes Forever Cake

Independence Day is easily one of my favorite holidays. It’s the perfect way to spend time outside, eat good food, and honor our awesome country. What better way to honor it than to eat a cake decorated to perfection.

This cake was ridiculously easy to make… I’m almost embarrassed how easy.

I started with a white cake with white frosting. I literally went to my grocery store, and bought a plain white cake from their bakery. (Their whipped frosting can’t be beat.)

Then, I bought 2 large bags of plain red, white, and blue M&M’s and separated all three colors. This makes it easier to decorate.

Starting at side of the cake, I pushed all red M&M’s along the top to create a stripe… I followed with a row of white M&M’s, then red, and so on… until all the red and white stripes cover the side of the cake.

Then I pressed the blue M&M’s in a circle around the top of the cake, until it was covered.

Last, I stuck these perfect and oh so appropriate glitter stars on top. Optional: amaze your guests by lighting some sparklers as you’re bringing out the cake.

I love this cake because you can serve it with strawberries and it’s like eating a rich strawberry shortcake. And check out Just Artifacts red, white, and blue goods for all things Fourth of July!

Hope your Independence Day is full of food, fireworks, and fun!!

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