Royal Wedding Brunch


Are you ready for the biggest, most romantic, most exquisite event of the century?? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding is on May 19th, and if you start now, and put hours of work into it each day, MAYBE you’ll be ready.

Just kidding. Luckily, Just Artifacts has your back.

Brunch is the perfect (and easiest) meal to celebrate the royal wedding. You and your friends can sit for hours and critique every detail of the event, from Meghan’s beautiful wedding dress to Harry’s adorable smile.

Here are some ideas for your wedding viewing party:

  1. These paper crowns are the perfect way to dress like royalty. 
  2. Red, white, and blue party decorations will take care of your Royal Wedding viewing party (AND the upcoming Fourth of July!). Check out the “Independence Day” link under the “Holiday” menu on the main page of Just Artifacts for more supplies. 
  3. I printed out coloring pages online and provided cups of colored pencils to keep your guests busy while you’re waiting for all the royal wedding party to arrive.    
  4. Brunch is an easy meal to prep: pastries, fruit cups, juice, bacon & sausage, scones,  tea and crumpets (if you’re feeling extra English), etc.
  5. This banner was so simple! I printed out images of Harry and Meghan and cut out their heads. I cut the paper crowns I had already to make smaller crown shapes, and clipped them onto the banner. Of course I added their name using my favorite glitter silver letters, and red tassels.

This little get together will surely be a crowd pleaser. Just sit back, relax, and dream of a love as adorable as Harry and Meghan’s.

Then eat all the scones you can handle.


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