A Fiesta-Themed Party

Grab your maracas and your favorite bottle of salsa, it’s time to fiesta!

When throwing a fiesta-themed party, there are a few key items to keep in mind: vibrant colors, strong flavors, and a taste of the desert life.

For this party, we first started with a color palette. Yellow, orange, magenta, and azure blue felt just right. Then, we added gold as an accent.

Backdrops are increasingly popular in modern party planning. They make a great visual centerpiece, tie-in the rest of the smaller party decor, and are incredibly tempting to take selfies in front of. We actually created three different backdrops for this party. Each backdrop was pretty simple to put together, so we tried each one to see which we preferred.

First, we hung up a tissue tassel garland in our chosen colors. We lined the ends of the garland with bright tissue paper flowers. Super easy and super cute! We kept the tissue flowers up for our second backdrop. We simply switched out the tassel garland for inflated gold Mylar letter balloons spelling out “fiesta”. This phrase could easily be customized depending on what kinds of party you’re throwing -“uno” for a first birthday party is one of my favorites. For our third backdrop, we simply hung up a bunch of expanding tissue paper garlands that matched our color palette. This was the simplest and quickest of the three. Also, it might be my favorite.

Party Supplies used:

tissue paper tassels

tissue confetti

tissue honeycomb balls

Mylar letter balloons

tissue flowers

gold mercury glass votives

paper plates

paper cups


biodegradable paper cutlery

berry baskets

paper straws

expanding tissue garlands

cactus cake toppers

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