(Mermaid) Balloon Cluster DIY

The easiest DIY EVER, this balloon cluster is a hit at your party if you want to make a big impact for a small price.

My daughter wanted a birthday party with a mermaid theme, and this could not have been executed more perfectly! The colors were an unexpected way to have an “Under the Sea” look, paired with the clear balloons to look like bubbles! Of course birthday girl loved it so much, we may have left it up at our house for a whole week.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your balloon cluster:
– Latex balloons of various colors (Jumbo AND regular size)
Fishing line
– A needle
A balloon inflator hand pump

  1. Using the inflator, blow up the regular balloons in various sizes. Inflate the jumbo balloons to their full capacity.
  2. String the fishing line through the needle and tie a knot so that the line doesn’t fall out of the eye of the needle.
  3. String the fishing line through the ends of all the balloons (The part where the balloon is tied).
  4. Arrange the balloons in a tight (or loose) cluster and hang up.

That’s it! Easy, right?? And look at how fun it is:

I mean, even the dolphins are impressed. Just keep swimming!!!

Other resources: Dolphin balloons, blue tablecloth, tassels, pink striped cups, straws, striped utensils, ribbon, silver glitter letters,

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