Crepe Paper Flower Crowns

Spring is in full swing here! Here is a super fun DIY to beautify your spring wardrobe.

– Crepe paper in a variety of colors (I used red, pear green, moss green, peach, and key lime)
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun
– Stem wire
– 26 gauge wire
– wire cutters
– floral tape

  1. Cut the green crepe paper into leaf shapes. Cut enough 4-inch wire (26 gauge) to glue onto each leaf. (I cut about 60 leaves with the 3 different shades of green.)
  2. Hot glue the wire along the middle of the leaves. Put leaves aside.
  3. Cut some flower petals (I did 5 flowers, with 5-6 petals for each flower.)
  4. Cut two 2×2 inch square and crumble it into a ball. Hot glue the end of the 26 gauge floral wire to the crumbled ball. Use the other square to wrap around the crumbled ball and use a wire to twist it closed.
  5. Hot glue the pedals around the ball. Set flowers aside.
  6. Cut fringes on one side of a crepe paper strip about 2 inches x 1 yard long. Using the hot glue gun, wrap the bottom of the paper strip around the top of the 26 gauge wire. Spread the fringe out to make it look like a flower.
  7. Make a circle using the stem wire. I used two stem wires to make the crown big enough.
  8. Wrap the leaves and flowers around the base of the crown by wrapping the wire ends to the stem wire. As you are applying the leaves and flowers, wrap the floral tape around the wire to make sure the ends are sticking out.
  9. For every one flower I wrapped, I would apply 6 leaves in between. Continue applying until the entire stem wire is wrapped.

These crowns are perfect for Easter Sunday, costumes, the Renaissance Fair, or Moana parties. So many possibilities using a variety of colors and flower shapes!

Happiest spring!

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