Easter Treat Bags


Here is a fun and easy way to wrap your Easter treats for your friends, neighbors, or your kids’ Easter baskets!

I made some rice krispy treats shaped like Easter eggs to give to my neighbors:

(It’s so easy! Just make the Rice Krispies according to the directions, and use a cookie cutter to cut the shapes before you refrigerate them.)

Here are the supplies you need:
– Treat bags in pink striped and orange polka dot
Green crepe paper
– Stapler
– Glue
– Scissors
– Cardstock in black, pink, blue, and white
– Orange yarn or ribbon

First let’s make the bunny!

1.  Cut the following shapes:

White, and pink bunny ears, bows, whiskers, noses (shaped like hearts), eyes and smiles!
2. Put the treats in the bag. Fold it closed.
3. Staple the ears on the fold to keep the bag closed.
4. Glue the eyes, whiskers, nose, smile, and bow to the top side of the bag. 

Now let’s make some carrots for our bunny!
1. Cut a strip of green paper.
2. Fold it twice.
3. Cut a fringe along the bottom of the crepe paper.

4. Unfold the paper and roll it together.
5. Staple the bottom of the roll, and staple that to the bottom of the treat bag.
6. Put the treat in the bag and bunch the top together.

7. Tie the bag closed with orange yarn or ribbon.

How easy was that? I always need an excuse to buy Easter candy (the best candy), and these bags are the perfect way to gift them.

Happy Easter!!!

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