Bunny Tail Garland

Spring is (almost) here! We survived winter and now it’s the most colorful season of the year!

This adorably awesome garland can be used to celebrate Easter or at any kind of Spring fling. It is so easy, looks minimalistic, and requires just a few supplies.

You will need:
– Poster board (I bought the smaller sizes, but the standard size can be used to fit two bunnies on.)
Mini tissue pom poms (instructions are on the packaging)
– 4-6 yards of ribbon
– scissors
– craft glue
– duct tape

1. Draw the bunny template. There are plenty of template shapes  on Pinterest, but I made mine by tracing two different sized circles on top of each other, then drawing the ears on top.

2. Cut out the bunny template.

3. Trace the bunny on all the other poster boards and cut out.

4. Construct the pom poms using the instructions on the packaging. Fluff the tissue into a semi-sphere, instead of an entire circle.

5. Glue the pom poms on the bunny bottoms.

6. Lay the ribbon out and duct tape the ribbon to the back of the bunny.

String it up and soak in the spring season!! I added Easter decorations to my table and the bunny garland was the icing on the cake. I love how it turned out.

Happy Spring!!

(Other sources: paper plates, napkins, cups, utensils, straws, white berry baskets, pink ribbon)

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