Sprinkled Ice Cream Backdrop

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… easy party decorations!!!

Sprinkle some extra fun on your next party with this delicious backdrop!

Supplies needed:
– Kraft colored wrapping paper
– White butcher paper
– Scissors
– Cardstock in various colors
– Glue
– Painters tape
– Paper trimmer
– yardstick
– brown marker

Using the yardstick and brown marker, draw criss-cross lines on the kraft wrapping paper. This will make the paper look like the ice cream cone.

Cut out a scalloped pattern along the bottom of the white butcher paper (this is the bottom of the ice cream cone.

Use the painters tape to tape the “cone” paper along the bottom of the wall, and the white butcher paper along the top.

Cut the colored paper into sprinkle shapes (I cut mine 1″x 5.5″… I used the paper trimmer, so it’s faster.)

Glue the sprinkles all over the white butcher paper.

Enjoy your creamy wall concoction!!!

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