Pet Names Valentine Cake Topper

Babe. Sweetheart. Snookums. Muffin. Pudding. Honey. Puppy kins.

Do these names make you feel butterflies? Do you think about your significant other when you read them? Do your friends get sick when you constantly talk about your “Baby Cakes”?

Then this DIY is for you.

Surprise the love of your life with this easy and delicious cake!

Materials needed:
– A cake
Paper straws
– Various washi tape in Valentine hues
– Glue dots
– Pet Names typed out and printed, cut into strips
– Scissors
– Optional: Tassels (can get at any craft or fabric store), Glitter heart toothpicks

  1. Wrap your washi tape around the paper straw and cut the ends to look like a flag. They look great in different lengths!
  2. Use the glue dots to glue the pet name strips around the straw… cut the ends to look like a flag.
  3. Put a glue dot on the end of the tassel string and stick it inside of the straw.
  4. Stick the straws on top of a cake! Decorate more with glitter hearts and sprinkles!

Doesn’t it look so tasty and fun?? This will surely be a crowd pleaser!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, snookums!!!

Other sources: cups, straws, plates, confetti, tassels, spoons, napkins

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