10 Galentine’s Day Theme Ideas

If you haven’t celebrated Galentine’s Day yet, what are you waiting for? It falls on February 13th, and it’s a time to celebrate all of your wonderful gal pals in your life. In other words, ladies celebrating ladies! This is a perfect day to spoil your favorite friends. You will absolutely have a blast planning and executing a party that really doesn’t have any rules… except maybe no boys allowed? 🙂

I’ve compiled a list of some ridiculous and delicious Galentine themes you can use to celebrate your besties. (And let’s not forget Just Artifact’s Valentine collection, PERFECT for any of these themes.

  • “A TOAST TO MY GALS” – This one can go one of two ways… You can use this for a soda bar (see THIS post), or a TOAST bar. As in toasty bread. I’m not even sure if toast bars exist, but set out a few toasters, some Texas toasts, avocados, cream cheese, hummus, butter, jam, tomatoes, prosciutto, bacon, etc… anything that you can put on toast.
  •  “WE GALS GO TOGETHER LIKE MILK AND COOKIES” – This one is pretty self-explanatory… what’s better than milk and cookies?
  • “I’D BE MUFFIN WITHOUT MY GALS” – A muffin buffet! All kinds of big, fat muffins. (And don’t forget the milk and coffee.)
  • “I LOVE YOU A WAFFLE LOT” – This one is my favorite… a waffle bar! Just have a couple of waffle irons out, waffle batter, fruits, whipped cream, and syrup.
  • “YOU’RE A PEACH” OR “YOU’RE THE APPLE OF MY EYE” – Apple and peach pies! Or cobblers, if you feel like making them. Serve with ice cream and whipped cream.
  • “LETTUCE ALWAYS BE FRIENDS” – A salad bar! Veggies and fruit, throw in some sliced bread for your carb-loving friends. (Don’t forget the chocolates, we aren’t all healthy eaters.)
  • “TACO ‘BOUT MY FAVORITE LADIES” – A taco bar! Fast food tacos are fine with me, but if you want to go all out: taco meat, shells, lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, cilantro, and onions. (This nacho cheese recipe would pair beautifully.)
  • “LOVE YOU A BRUNCH” – Breakfast bar! Breakfast casseroles are all over pinterest, or you can do breakfast sandwiches, fruit salad, and juice.
  • “I LOVE YOU S’MORE” – S’More bar! Another favorite of mine: graham crackers, chocolate bars or nutella, marshmallows. Use indoor heaters or an outdoor fire pit to roast the mallows.
  • “CEREAL-SLY, YOU’RE THE BEST” – Cereal bar! This one is incredibly easy. Just a variety of cereals and milk.

I had a few other ideas, but the longer the list got, the more ridiculous the themes (“Holy Guacamole, you’re great!” and so on.) But this is what makes Galentine’s the greatest.

Happy Galentine’s Day all you noble land mermaids!

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